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Seatram S.p.A. is a freight forwarder and was founded by Mr. Luciano Bruzzo in 1986, as an independent organisation. 100% Italian, the head office is located in Genoa, Italy, one of the most ancient maritime towns in Europe.

Genoa is known worldwide for its mercantile traditions, concentrated on the activity of its port. For many years, thanks to its strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean, it controlled the majority of sea traffic moving in and out of Italy and Europe.

During its extended history, Seatram has evolved from a traditional international freight forwarder to a leading global provider of innovative and fully integrated solutions for every supply chain.

Since being established it has grown into one of the world’s leading logistics providers.

Seatram S.p.A. in  recent times has become a Holding, still under the direct control of Mr. Luciano Bruzzo,  but gathering under the same
umbrella Seatram’s offices scattered around the world which highlight those markets of our major interest such as: Oceania, Central and South America, Africa and Canada. Seatram is also a member of the  WCA Network therefore getting the support and strength of more than 1000 trust agents to provide a proper control of any shipment to any overseas country and destination.


The key business activities and market position of Seatram S.p.A. are built on the company’s first class capabilities: seafreight, airfreight, projects, contracts, integrated logistics, groupage and consolidated containers.

Logistics services are provided to virtually all key industry sectors including: Automotive, Dangerous products, High Tech, Industrials, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Foodstuffs.

Seatram S.p.A. remains a traditional family company, which means that clients have dedicated staff following every procedure from their purchase order to the arrival of goods at destination. This is designed to assist them every step of the way, enabling a better follow up and a prompt result.

Its global logistics network and excellent customer service is proof of Seatram’s dedication to being the market leader. These attributes have placed the company at the forefront of the freight forwarding industry and positioned it to continue increasing the scope of its customer services and solutions.

From Genoa All Over The World

Although Genoa is not a huge town,  the activity of its port together and the mercantile traditions resulting from the strategic position in the Middle of the Mediterranean sea, have given fame to our harbor that for many years controlled the majority of  the Italian and European sea traffic in export and import.

With the upgrading  that in year 1994 opened the Voltri Terminal Europa (now renominated PSA Genova Prà) the ancient port of Genova has expanded in growth and incorporated a large portion of the eastern coast of the region so that today Genoa stands as a far more modern gateway to Italy and Europe and  presents 4 multi-commodity basins and 22 kmtrs of docks stretched along 50 kmtrs of coast that can simultaneously store 100 ships berthing at once.

Altogether representing a huge growth for the commercial activity of our port that goes hand in hand with the growth and achievements of our company during 37 year trading  thanks to dedicated and skilled management and staff  who provide at any time a service second to none in sea freight, air freight , projects, contracts, integrated logistics, groupage and consolidated containers.


The key to success for Seatram is directly attributable to its ability to provide the standard of service and cost levels expected within a highly competitive and specialised industry. The company handles a wide range of work, efficiently responding to all customer’s specific requests.

Seatram staff is highly skilled in all aspects concerning overseas transport procedures.

Their specialised experience worldwide has enabled them to build up an excellent door to door service in specific geographic locations abroad.

Serviced by the Seatram offices based in Australia, South Africa, Central/South America, Canada, the Middle East and China, a complete transport system is offered at a very competitive level.

The company, with the close cooperation of competent and reliable shipowners and aircarriers, is in a leading position to identify and undertake the best international arrangements to ship or airfreight cargo to all major overseas destinations. Seatram is not big, but it is big enough to guarantee its promises to the customer.

It is not small, but it is small enough to take care of even the tiniest customers interests.


Our Headquarters in Genoa


The head office, owned by the Company, is located in the heart of Genoa’s historical centre. It occupies the southeast wing of the Pantaleo Spinola Palazzo, located in Via Garibaldi and Via Luccoli, and is one of the 42 “Palazzi dei Rolli ” – a group of palaces included in the Unesco World Heritage since July 2006.
Palazzo Spinola is very important artistically and architecturally. It was erected by architect Bernardo Spazio for Pantaleo Spinola and then completed by Pietro Orsolino in 1558. The facade comprises very simple lines, moved by the rhythm of windows, balconies and especially by the portal surmounted by two marble bas-reliefs. An elegant, red-carpeted staircase with frescoed vaulted ceilings leads you to the main floor where the high ceilings are richly decorated.

Seatram group has offices all over the world

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